We are a family owned and operated business. We are completely dedicated towards being a dependable supplier of dry cleaning and laundry services. We cater our services to the rated hotels throughout the location of Chicago.

As said before we are a well established unit in this particular region and our services are quite popular amongst all . We offer the best laundry services for a range of apparels. Be it a formal shirt or a banquet linen, you can get it all from us.

What we have achieved

Our dedication and utmost professionalism has allowed us to become an authoritative name in the location of Chicago. As per as the statistics and rankings are concerned we are among the top 14 dry cleaners out of 629 organizations in this area.

To make our services be more qualitative and sublime we make sure that we put our best foot forward, when being required. Our domination in the dry cleaning industry has fetched us a membership of the Dry-cleaning & Laundry Institute.

Our team and hours of working

Currently we have a team of twenty dedicated members. Our owners are being available from 6.00AM to 10.30PM. For any issues or escalations we are there for all the seven days in a week.

Our mission of maintaining the ecological balance-

It has also been our mission to become an eco-friendly service organization. We use all the environmentally cordial products. In order to maintain the ecological balance we make use of degradable poly-bags to green laundry products.

All our solutions are tested and devoid of chemicals. We being a one stop service provider are ready to provide conventional dry cleaning along with chemical free environment friendly wet cleaning options.

We make note of the following steps in order to decrease our environmental foot print:

  • We recycle all paperwork, commencing from letter bond paper to invoice tag paper
  • We make use of environmental friendly products by Laidlaw Company for laundry washing.
  • We also use water filter system. It helps to soften water on all washers.
  • All our dry cleaning takes place in a self contained machine having no exhaust fan. It thereby eliminates the air pollution.
  • All the dry cleaning filters along with the lint waste are being collected in a safe drum. They are later collected by an organization that specializes in chemical disposal.
  • We provide wet cleaning. It is an alternate approach of conventional dry cleaning. It eliminates the use of other harmful chemicals. Wet cleaning is a preferred mode of cleaning for maximum of the people these days.